Hello from FF Founders

Maya (left) and Helen (right) FF Founders

Maya (left) and Helen (right) FF Founders

We are Helen and Maya, the founders of Featured in Fifteen.
Local London mums, we wanted to create a community arts project that celebrated the FFabulous rich mix of creative talent that we have in our hill.

The FF concept was born around a table (late May 2017) just before school pick up. We sat and thrashed out ideas around 'What would be our perfect night out?' the answer was - an evening of interesting talks from various local curators, a drink with friends and somewhere we didn't have to travel the earth for. We both have a genuine respect for TED talks and so the idea of providing an audience with more than one speaker (with a drink in hand) in a considered time frame (15 minutes) felt like an interesting challenge for us...so that's when Featured in Fifteen came to life..

A story, a drive, a shared interest. All captured in one evening. We hope you enjoy our evenings and share your experience so that more people can benefit from our nights. 

Here you can watch our FF film from November 2017. This film was produced by Toby Stanier a fantastic film producer who works creatively and conceptually with small businesses to help their uniqueness shine.