We have created TEN FFantastic FFeature evenings - that’s over 50 FFabulous local individuals all striving to make a difference in our community and beyond.

Here we share our progression beyond our featured nights and what FF has brought to our community in other dimensions that you may or may not already know. As a graphic designer and brand influencer (Helen) I have the FFortunate role of working with leading charities and change sectors to influence societal behaviour. It literally FFills us with great joy to share these projects with you.


Our work doesn’t stop at our events. In the process of meeting FFantastic FFeatures, FFirm FFriendships are FFormed. We have worked with many of our features on separate projects outside of the event. I (Helen) had the privilege of working with Annie Fandango Kid on a student engagement project I had created for the students of Bristol University. Annie created workshops and provided tools for the students to share their thoughts and ideas through creativity which led to an installation within the university empowering student voices.


When Leanne Pero Featured with us in November 2018 at our Hope & Hardship event; she told us about her project Black Women Rising- The Untold Cancer Stories. We had to get involved, we wanted to capture not only what Black Women Rising is about but also the FFierce tenacity of Leanne to not allow women to feel alone at a time they need they to be heard and supported. But with this came a double FFeature support of Cassius Rayner @gofilmit Cassius who helped us produce THREE short films to share on social media on the lead up to the event. How FFortunate to be literally sandwiched between TWO amazing talents.


The FFantastic Karen Arthur who really is a FFirm FFriend, became a loneliness ambassador for The Loneliness Lab - a project that is working to combat loneliness in London. I (Helen) had created the brand look and feel and Karen got involved on the strength of the sharing that I had committed to when the project launched. This would not have happened if we were not already associated through Featured in Fifteen. Karen continues to make amazing positive steps with the organisation and her passion shines through in everything she is involved in. Karen is a total inspiration and we FFeel so FFortunate to have her in our lives. Karen has also featured with us twice now.


And here, we mention our audience. Because without our amazing FFeature FFans none of our events would happen or be supported the way they are. You came along to our early events when we didn’t even know how our events would unfold to what they are today. We want to thank everyone that has come to an FF event. You’ve showed FFaith in the infancy of a project and your support we are so truly grateful of.